What Is The Best Wine With Pizza Pairings?

While we often think of wine as the perfect complement to finer cuisine, pizza is one of the most popular foods to enjoy with vino. But with so many varieties of each, how do you know the best wine with pizza

In this blog post, we’ll delve into various wines paired with pizzas that enhance the experience of both. That’s food for thought the next time you find yourself wanting to enjoy these favorites in a more nuanced way.

Are you ready to take your pizza and wine pairings to the next level? Let’s dive into this simple yet magical combination.

Overview Of Pizza And Wine Pairings

The tradition of pairing pizza and wine traces its roots back to Italy, the birthplace of the universally loved pizza. As centuries passed, this pairing spread across the globe, becoming popular in countries from the United States to Australia.

An interesting truth about pizza and wine pairing is that it was not born out of the need for sophistication, but out of necessity and convenience. Wine was (and still is) a common beverage in Italian households, and pizza was an affordable, easy-to-make food.

Now, the art of matching pizza with the perfect wine has become a popular culinary practice, turning an ordinary meal into a gourmet experience.

Why Do Wine And Pizza Go So Well Together?

Have you ever wondered why pizza and wine are such a winning combination? The answer lies in some familiar factors you know clearly. Below, we mention some of the most common reasons:

1. Balancing Flavors

The rich, cheese-laden flavors of pizza are aptly complemented by the acidity and tannins in wine. The right wine can thus help to cut through the fattiness of the cheese and balance out the hearty toppings.

2. Cleansing The Palate

Moreover, wine serves as an excellent palate cleanser.

Its acidity and effervescence help to refresh the palate, ensuring that each bite of pizza tastes just as delightful as the first. This dynamic duo thus creates a seamless, enjoyable dining experience.

3. Enhanced Dining Experience

Pairing wine with pizza elevates the simple act of dining into an elevated culinary experience. The combination of two classics can transform an otherwise ordinary meal into a gourmet journey, adding a refined touch to the comfort of enjoying pizza at home.

4. Cultural Tradition

Lastly, the pairing of pizza and wine is deeply rooted in cultural tradition, particularly in Italy where both these beloved items originate. This timeless tradition has been globally embraced, bringing a slice of Italian culture to tables worldwide.

The synergy of pizza and wine reflects the essence of Italian dining – simplicity, comfort, and pleasure.

What Is The Best Wine With Pizza?

Pairing wine and pizza may seem like a tricky task, considering the diverse elements that go into making a perfect pizza – from the base and the sauce to the toppings and the cheese.

However, the harmony of flavors achieved when you match your pizza with the right wine can be an exquisite experience indeed. You can see it from some of the top choices for this delightful pairing:

1. Wines With Margherita Pizza

The Margherita pizza, with its simple yet flavorful toppings of tomato, mozzarella, and basil, is best paired with wines that can complement its fresh and bright profiles.

Pinot Grigio is the wine’s light, crisp character, and notes of pear, green apple, and hints of lime offer a refreshing contrast to the richness of the mozzarella cheese. Its lively acidity and citrus undertones enhance the zesty, fresh tomato sauce on the pizza.

2. Wine With Pepperoni and Cheese Pizzas

Consider the classic Pepperoni and Cheese pizza. This common Italian dish is adorned with tomato sauce, abundant mozzarella cheese, and a profusion of pepperoni, all sitting atop a traditional thin crust.

A perfect companion to this pizza would be a wine possessing lower acidic levels to counterbalance the acidity of the tomato sauce. It should also carry fruity notes to tackle the sweet and sour combination of the tomato sauce.

For this classic pizza, opt for an Italian Chianti, a medium-bodied Syrah or Shiraz, a California Zinfandel, or a medium-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon.

3. Wine With Meat Lover’s Pizza

Moving onto a meat lover’s delight – a pizza weighed down with hamburger, sausage, pepperoni, and more.

Such a hearty pizza necessitates a robust wine with enough character to match the meaty overload. Full-bodied red wines like Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, or Merlot prove to be the perfect partners here.

The tannins present in these red wines pair well with the fattiness of the red meat. The dry feeling in the mouth induced by red wine is beautifully neutralized by the succulent meat, providing a balanced palate.

4. Wine With Veggie Pizzas

If you prefer a Veggie pizza loaded with peppers, olives, onions, and mushrooms, a cool and crisp Sauvignon Blanc is your best bet. Its brightness and clean acidity can handle the assortment of veggies delightfully.

Dry rose wine is another worthy contender that can stand up to the multitude of flavors present in a veggie pizza.

5. Wine With White Pizzas

Now, if you sometimes choose the unusual White pizza that’s completely devoid of tomato sauce, your wine choices multiply.

A crisp white wine or even one with a hint of effervescence will pair brilliantly with this lighter and less acidic pizza. 

A bubbly Champagne, an earthy Sauvignon Blanc, or a Pinot Grigio will all do justice to the subtle flavors of a white pizza.

6. Wine With Hawaiian Pizzas

Lastly, for the exotic Hawaiian pizza with its sweet and salty balance of ham and pineapple covered in cheese, a universal white wine is your go-to choice.

A Riesling with its unique blend of sweetness and acidity, and its essence of tropical fruits, flowers, and minerals, pairs exceptionally well with this pizza.

Overall, each type of pizza, originating from different corners of the world, carries its own distinct set of characteristics. The key to flawless pairing lies in accurately identifying these traits and choosing a wine that complements or contrasts them perfectly.

Tips For Choosing Wine That Goes With Pizza

Following are a few tips that can guide you in selecting the perfect wine to complement your pizza:

1. Consider the Toppings: The primary flavors of your pizza come from its toppings. If your pizza has a lot of meat, go for a full-bodied red wine like Cabernet Sauvignon. For pizzas with lighter toppings like veggies or seafood, a white wine like Pinot Grigio might be a better choice.

2. Balance the Flavors: The key to a good wine and pizza pairing is balance. If you have a rich, cheesy pizza, a wine with high acidity like Sangiovese can help cut through the richness.

3. Think About the Sauce: The type of sauce on your pizza can greatly influence your wine pairing. A zesty tomato sauce might require a different wine than a creamy white sauce or a tangy BBQ sauce.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment: There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to pairing wine and pizza. Feel free to experiment with different combinations to see what suits your palate.

5. When in Doubt, Choose Sparkling: Sparkling wines like Prosecco or Cava are a safe bet when you’re unsure about pairing. Their high acidity and effervescence make them versatile enough to pair with a wide variety of pizzas.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to enhance your dining experience. So choose a wine that you enjoy, and don’t be afraid to break the rules if you find a combination that works for you.


In conclusion, wine with pizza is a delightful adventure that opens up a world of flavors, textures, and aromatic nuances. The wines you choose can elevate your pizza experience. 

They take you on a journey from the robust flavors of a meat lover’s pizza paired, to the refreshing notes of a white wine complementing a vegetable-topped pizza.

So, why not uncork a bottle of your favorite wine, seize a slice of your preferred pizza, and embark on this delectable voyage of culinary discovery?

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