Top 5 Most Expensive Pizzas In The World

Have you ever wondered about the most expensive pizza in the world? 

While we may be used to seeing hefty price tags on designer handbags or sports cars, the concept of an expensive pizza might seem absurd. But believe it or not, there are pizzas out there that cost more than a month’s rent. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the most expensive pizzas globally and explore what makes them worth their high price tags. So sit back, grab your favorite slice of pizza (maybe not as pricey as these), and enjoy a journey into the extravagant dining world!

Brief Overview Of Expensive Pizza

The world of expensive pizzas is a gourmet spin on this universally beloved comfort food, with origins tracing back to the city of Naples in Italy.

The classic Neapolitan pizza entered into the realm of luxury dining via a trend of chefs incorporating rare, exclusive, and sometimes extravagant ingredients into their creations. Over time, this trend escalated, culminating in pizzas that incorporated decadents such as white truffles, caviar, and even gold.

The starting price for these extraordinary creations can easily hover around a few hundred dollars, but some have been sold for thousands.

Top 5 Most Expensive Pizzas In The World 

Surpassing countless other candidates, the pizzas on this list all possess unique features in history, flavor, and dining experience. Take a look at the 10 pizzas below to find out which is the most expensive pizza in the world:

1. Louis XIII

The Louis XIII pizza is the first one. Let’s delve a bit further into its unique characteristics:

– Price: The Louis XIII has an astronomical price tag of $12,000 – as much as a decent second-hand car.

– Ingredients: It boasts some of the most exquisite ingredients from around the world, such as three types of caviar, Maine lobster, and sea cicada. The caviar is imported from the Caspian Sea, and it includes the world-renowned Beluga and Oscietra variants.

– Time to Prepare: Unlike other fast-food options, this one takes a staggering 72 hours to prepare. The dough is allowed to rest for this duration, which allows it to attain a perfect consistency.

– Pairing: The pizza is served with Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac and champagne Krug Clos du Mesnil 1995, two of the finest beverages in the world.

In summary, the Louis XIII offers not just a meal, but a gastronomical experience that’s truly one of a kind.

2. Pizza For Lovers

The Pizza for Lovers is the second rank in our list and is a perfect choice for those willing to splurge on a romantic meal. Here’s more about it:

– Price: This culinary masterpiece costs a whopping $8,180.

– Ingredients: The pizza is loaded with a rich combination of luxury ingredients like edible gold leaf, Italian white truffles, and fantail prawns. The highlight of the pizza is a generous topping of caviar soaked in Dom Pérignon.

– Preparation and Serving: The pizza arrives in a heart shape, symbolizing love and romance. Moreover, the pizza comes with a surprise gift – a diamond ring. A bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne is served, adding a touch of elegance and luxury to this extraordinary dining experience.

In essence, the Pizza for Lovers is a testament to the heights of luxury and indulgence that a simple dish like pizza can reach.

3. The Miss Verdun

The Miss Verdun occupies a proud spot as the third most expensive pizza in the world. Here’s what sets this pizza apart from the rest:

– Price: Priced at an astounding $4,250, The Miss Verdun lives up to its reputation as one of the world’s priciest pizzas.

– Ingredients: The Miss Verdun is topped with an array of luxurious ingredients such as white truffles, caviar, lobster, and 24-karat gold flakes.

– Pairing: To elevate the experience further, this pizza is served with a bottle of Dom Pérignon, one of the world’s most prestigious champagnes.

Indeed, The Miss Verdun not only offers an exquisite taste experience but also a feast for the eyes and a symbol of luxury.

4. Pizza Royale 007

The Pizza Royale 007, named in a nod to the famous spy James Bond, carries a price tag in line with the luxury associated with the character. What sets this pizza apart?

– Price: The Pizza Royale 007 is priced at a staggering $4,200.

– Ingredients: This pizza comes loaded with luxurious ingredients such as smoked salmon from Scotland, venison medallions, caviar soaked in champagne, and lobster marinated in cognac, and it’s even topped with a significant amount of 24-carat gold flakes.

– Pairing: To enhance the dining experience, this pizza is served with a vintage Dom Pérignon champagne, well-regarded as one of the finest champagnes in the world.

– Special feature: This pizza was created as part of a charity auction on eBay, with the proceeds going to the Fred Hollows Foundation, which works to prevent blindness worldwide.

In essence, the Pizza Royale 007 doesn’t just provide a meal but a regal dining experience that reflects its name.

5. Nino Bellissima

The Nino Bellissima, a creation of Gino’s Restaurant in New York City, breaks the mold with a unique blend of luxury and traditional flavors.

– Price: At a cool $1,000, the Nino Bellissima pizza is more accessible than some of its competitors but is no less decadent.

– Ingredients: The standout feature of the Nino Bellissima is its generous application of caviar. Six different types of caviar, each with its distinctive flavor and texture, are spread across the pizza.

– Pairing: To provide a well-rounded dining experience, Nino Bellissima is typically served with a chilled bottle of champagne, adding a nice contrast to the rich flavors of the pizza.

– Traditional Base: Beneath the caviar, the Nino Bellissima is a testament to traditional pizza-making techniques. A thin, crisp crust and a smattering of mozzarella provide a familiar comfort upon which the luxury toppings sit.

In conclusion, the Nino Bellissima offers a unique, caviar-laden take on a classic dish, blending indulgence with tradition in a way that few other pizzas can.

What Makes Most Expensive Pizza So Valuable?

It’s not for nothing that pizza is known as the most expensive pizza in the world. Its expensiveness may come from one or a combination of the following factors:

1. Rare Ingredients

The cost of a pizza skyrockets when it features rare and hard-to-find ingredients, which often are imported from various parts of the world.

It can include delicacies like white truffles from Italy, Beluga caviar from the Caspian Sea, or edible gold leaf. These premium ingredients not only contribute to the pizza’s distinct flavor profile but also its substantial price tag.

2. Chef’s Reputation and Experience

Another factor contributing to the cost of these extravagant pizzas is the reputation and experience of the chef preparing them. 

World-renowned chefs with years of culinary experience are often behind these creations, and their expertise in selecting and pairing ingredients ensures a unique, unforgettable dining experience.

Their reputation in the culinary world often means that any dish they create carries a premium price, including these luxurious pizzas.

3. Exclusivity

The exclusivity of the pizza often plays a significant role in its steep price. The pizzas mentioned above are not commonly found on regular restaurant menus; they are typically available at select establishments or require pre-ordering, thereby creating an air of exclusivity and rarity.

4. Location and Dining Experience

The location of the restaurant and the dining experience it provides can also greatly impact the price of these gourmet pizzas. High-end restaurants in prime locations, such as New York or Tokyo, often charge more due to higher operational costs.

Furthermore, the dining experience itself, like the ambiance of the restaurant, personalized service, or the addition of luxury services like champagne pairing, can also contribute a great deal to the overall cost of these expensive pizzas.

Who Are The Chefs Creating The World’s Most Expensive Pizzas?

When mentioning the most expensive pizzas, it is impossible not to mention talented chefs. They are:

1. Renato Viola, the creator of Louis XIII

2. Domenico Crolla, the mastermind behind Pizza Royale 007

3. Giovanni Spatala, the chef behind Nino Bellissima.

These chefs have made a name for themselves not only through their culinary skills but also by pushing the boundaries of what a pizza can be.

How Do Expensive Pizzas Differ From Traditional Ones?

When comparing the world’s most expensive pizzas with traditional ones, several key differences emerge:

1. Ingredients: Traditional pizzas typically feature a variety of cheeses, meats, vegetables, and herbs. The most expensive pizzas, on the other hand, are characterized by their use of rare and luxurious ingredients such as gold leaf, caviar, and truffles.

2. Craftsmanship: While traditional pizzas are often mass-produced, each expensive pizza is meticulously crafted by renowned chefs. This often includes hand-picked ingredients and carefully considered flavor profiles.

3. Dining Experience: Eating a traditional pizza is a casual affair while consuming an expensive pizza is often an event in itself. This could include champagne pairings, personalized service, and eating in a luxurious setting.

4. Price: Ultimately, the price is the most obvious difference. While you can get a traditional pizza for around $10 to $20, the world’s most expensive pizzas can cost thousands of dollars.


In conclusion, we have explored the world of the most expensive pizza. From gold leaf-covered pies to caviar-topped delicacies, it’s clear that there is no limit to how far people are willing to go for a taste of luxury.

But remember to always keep your feet on the ground. After all, it’s not about how much money you spend on a pizza; it’s about the memories you make and the moments you share with loved ones over a hot slice.

So go ahead and grab a pizza tonight – whether it’s pricey or budget-friendly, it’s sure to leave a delicious taste in your mouth and heart. Happy eating!

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