Papa John’s vs Domino’s

The world of pizza is splendid with thousands of layers of cheese, toppings, and crust. Pizza is truly a global favorite, enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.

Two of the biggest names in the pizza industry are Papa John’s and Domino’s, which have been around for decades and have earned a loyal following. In this post, we will give you an overview of the amazing pizzas between two giant piazza chains – Papa John’s vs Domino’s.

Papa John’s vs Domino’s – What Is The Main Difference?

1. The Crust

Talking about the crust, Papa John’s and Domino’s both have different styles. Both types of crust have their unique taste and texture, making it difficult to choose one as the ultimate winner.

Papa John’s

papa johns crust

When it comes to Papa John’s, the crust is like the secret sauce – not literally, but it’s what makes their pizza stand out. They’re known for their slogan, “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.” and it shines through in the crust.

It’s got this unique, fluffy yet sturdy texture that holds all the toppings perfectly without getting soggy. And, they have that signature garlic sauce that you can drizzle (or drown) your pizza in, making every bite a delightful mix of flavors.


dominos crust

Domino’s takes a slightly different approach to its crust. It’s all about that crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside vibe that so many of us crave.

They’re not playing around when they say they’ve got something special in their crust game, with the unique addition of garlic and herb seasoning that kicks the flavor up a notch. But hey, that’s not all.

You’ve got options! Whether you’re in the mood for a thin, crunchy crust or something a little more substantial, like their hand-tossed or pan pizza, Domino’s has got you covered.

Essentially, if you’re the kind of person who judges a pizza by its crust, Domino’s offers that satisfying crunch and flavor that might just win you over.

2. The Toppings

Let’s be real, the toppings are the star of any pizza. Papa John’s and Domino’s both offer a variety of options to satisfy every craving.

Papa John’s

papa johns toppings

Oh, the toppings at Papa John’s? They’re like the cherry on top of an already amazing cake.

They take great pride in their “Better Ingredients,” and it shows. You’ll find fresh, high-quality veggies, and savory meats, and they’re not stingy with it either.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about biting into a slice and getting that perfect mix of toppings in every bite. And if you’re a cheese lover, oh boy, you’re in for a treat.

Their cheese is always perfectly melted, stringy, and oh-so-good, making every pizza a cheesy delight. Seriously, for those who believe toppings are the soul of the pizza, Papa John’s might just be your spirit animal.


dominos toppings

When it comes to toppings, Domino’s doesn’t hold back either. They’ve got all the classics like pepperoni and mushrooms, but they also offer some unique topping options that Papa John’s doesn’t have.

For the meat lovers out there, Domino’s has a wide range of chicken options to choose from, like BBQ, buffalo, and even spicy jalapeno pineapple chicken. Vegetarians can also enjoy their selection of veggie toppings like roasted red peppers and spinach.

And let’s not forget about their sauces. In addition to classic tomato sauce, you can also choose from options like garlic Parmesan and BBQ for an added twist of flavor.

3. The Cheese

Last but not least, let’s talk about the cheese. After all, it wouldn’t be pizza without that ooey-gooey goodness.

Papa John’s

papa johns cheese

Now, when it comes to cheese, Papa John’s does lay it on thick. In the best way possible, of course.

Their mozzarella is super rich and stretchy, making every slice a dream for cheese fans. It wraps up all the toppings in this delightful cheese blanket that’s just irresistible. 

Not to forget, they often offer special cheese options, like their three-cheese blend that includes Parmesan and Romano. This blend adds an extra layer of flavor that truly elevates the whole pizza experience. 

Honestly, for those who say cheese is life, Papa John’s might just be your pizza paradise. Can you even call it pizza if you’re not pulling off a cheesy string with every bite?


dominos cheese

Domino’s also uses a blend of mozzarella, Parmesan, and Asiago cheeses in their pizzas, but they add a little something extra with their provolone cheese. And if you’re a fan of cheese on your crust, Domino’s has got you covered with their stuffed cheesy bread.

But what makes Domino’s stand out in the cheese department is their specialty pizzas. Their Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza features six different kinds of cheese, making it a cheese lover’s dream come true.

4. The Sauce

While we’re on the topic of cheese, let’s not forget about the sauce. It’s what adds that burst of flavor to every bite.

Papa John’s

papa johns sauce

Papa John’s takes their sauce game seriously, aiming for that perfect balance of sweet and tangy. Their tomato sauce is crafted from vine-ripened tomatoes, giving it a fresh and robust flavor. 

What’s cool is they even have a special garlic sauce. This isn’t just any garlic sauce; it’s rich, buttery, and divine, offering a unique twist to your pizza experience. 

You can choose to have this garlic sauce over your pizza or on the side for dipping, which is a game-changer. Honestly, dipping that last pizza crust in garlic sauce is the kind of moment pizza lovers live for. 

Moreover, Papa John’s occasionally introduces special sauces for a limited time – adding a delightful surprise to your order now and then. Whether it’s a spicy Italian sauce or a sweet BBQ, there’s always something new to try. 

Their dedication to quality sauce is just another reason Papa John’s stands out in the pizza wars. After all, a great sauce can elevate a pizza from good to unforgettable.


dominos sauce

Domino’s also steps up its sauce game with a variety that’s hard to beat. They’ve got their classic marinara, which packs a hearty punch with its blend of tomatoes, garlic, and basil. 

But it doesn’t stop there. They offer a range of other sauces like Alfredo, which is creamy and rich, perfect for those who like to walk on the cheesy side of life. 

Not to mention, their spicy buffalo sauce is a hit for those who like their pizza with a bit of a kick. And for the adventurous souls, there’s the sweet mango habanero sauce, blending sweet and heat in a surprisingly delicious way. 

Domino’s ensures that every pizza is an adventure in flavor, no matter your sauce preference. Their ability to cater to various tastes with their sauce selection is what keeps pizza lovers coming back for more.

5. The Service and Price

Now, we can’t ignore the importance of good service and reasonable prices when it comes to pizza delivery.  After all, what’s the point of having amazing toppings and cheese if it takes forever to get your pizza or costs an arm and a leg?

Papa John’s

When it comes to service, Papa John’s has got it down. They offer online ordering and delivery options, making it convenient for customers to get their pizza fixes without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

Their delivery is fast and efficient, and you can even track your order in real time through their app or website. It’s like a pizza lover’s dream come true.

And speaking of dreams, Papa John’s’ pricing is quite reasonable for the quality and quantity they offer. Plus, they often have deals and promotions that make their pizzas even more affordable. 


Domino’s is also known for its speedy delivery and a variety of ordering options, from online to phone to their app. Their prices are also budget-friendly, and with their mix-and-match deal, you can get two or more items for a great value.

So if you’re looking to feed a group of people without breaking the bank, Domino’s is the way to go.

Domino’s vs Papa John’s – Who Wins?

Honestly, it’s a tough call. Both Papa John’s and Domino’s bring their A-game when it comes to pizza.

But in my opinion, they both have their strengths and weaknesses. For a more premium experience with diverse toppings and sauces, I’d go for Papa John’s. But if I want something quick, affordable, and satisfying, Domino’s is the way to go.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference. As long as we can all agree that pizza is life, does it matter which chain reigns supreme?

I don’t think so. So go ahead and order your favorite pie from whichever chain you prefer- because any pizza is better than no pizza at all.


In the grand scheme of things, choosing between Papa John’s and Domino’s might boil down to what you’re craving on a particular evening. Both brands have worked hard to carve out their unique places in the hearts (and stomachs) of pizza lovers everywhere. 

Domino’s shines with its wallet-friendly options and innovative ordering methods. Meanwhile, Papa John’s prides itself on premium ingredients and a diverse range of sauces that cater to more refined palates. 

Ultimately, the best pizza chain is the one that satisfies your pizza cravings at that moment. Whether it’s a classic cheese or a loaded special, there’s a slice with your name on it.

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