Little Caesar Pizza Calories & Nutrition Facts

Are you a pizza lover? Do you find yourself constantly craving a piping hot, cheesy slice of Little Caesars Pizza? Well, you are not alone. 

For decades, this beloved pizzeria has been satisfying taste buds all around the globe with its iconic deep-dish and thin-crust pizzas. But while we may indulge in it without guilt or second thoughts, have you ever wondered about the nutritional value of your favorite Little Caesars pizza slices? 

In this blog post, we will dive deep into the world of Little Caesar pizza calories to give you an informed understanding of what exactly goes into those deliciously tantalizing pizzas. Let’s get started!

A Brief Overview Of Little Caesar Pizza 

Little Caesars Pizza, established in 1959, has grown into one of the largest and most recognizable pizza chains in the world. Renowned for its “Hot-N-Ready” pizza, the company has built a reputation for providing fast, affordable, and tasty meals.

The brainchild of Mike Ilitch and his wife, Little Caesars started as a single pizza shop in Detroit, Michigan, and has grown into an international pizza empire with over 5,000 locations across the globe.

The chain is recognized for its innovative marketing campaigns, such as the iconic “Pizza! Pizza!” promotion, which offers two pizzas for the price of one. Little Caesars maintains its commitment to quality, simplicity, value, and customer satisfaction as they continue to serve communities worldwide.

The Importance Of Knowing About Calorie Content In Little Caesar Pizza 

Understanding Little Caesars pizza calories is essential for individuals who are health-conscious or are aiming to maintain a balanced diet. With increasing awareness about health and wellness, it’s important to know what we are putting into our bodies.

Little Caesars, like many fast-food establishments, provides nutritional information for their menu items. This includes the amount of calories in each pizza, which allows customers to make informed decisions about their food choices.

Whether you’re counting calories, managing dietary restrictions, or just want to be mindful of your food intake, having this information at your disposal is crucial.

Understanding Little Caesar Pizza Calories

There exist 02 common ways to know about the calories in Little Caesar pizza, which are based on its size and type of pizza.

1. Calories Content By Size

Little Caesars offers a variety of sizes to cater to different customer needs, and the caloric content varies accordingly. Here are the details:

Classic Large Pizza (12-inch)

The 12-inch pizza is considered the standard size at Little Caesars. It is ideal for 2-3 people depending on appetites. A typical slice of a cheese pizza at this size contains around 280 calories. 

Adding toppings like pepperoni can increase the calories slightly. The 12-inch pizza provides a good option for those watching their calorie intake as a single slice will be around 280 calories which is moderate.

Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza

This thicker crust pizza has a square shape rather than being round. Due to the crust being thicker, one slice contains more calories than the large round pizza. A slice provides approximately 41 grams of carbohydrates and 320 calories. 

The crispy edge and fluffy middle of the crust contribute to higher calorie content compared to the standard 12-inch pizza. This pizza is a good option for those wanting a more fulsome slice but should be eaten in moderation due to the higher calories.

ExtraMostBestest Pizza (14-inch)

This is an upgrade size that is larger than the classic large pizza. It boasts more toppings like cheese and pepperoni compared to the 12-inch. While similar in size, one slice contains around 36 grams of carbs and 320 calories. 

The extra toppings account for its slightly higher calorie count versus the 12-inch pizza. Those keeping an eye on calories may want to opt for fewer toppings to reduce the calorie content compared to the standard toppings on the 12-inch pizza.

Always remember that portion control is key when indulging in favorite foods while maintaining a balanced diet.

2. Calories Content By Types Of Pizza

Little Caesars offers a variety of pizza types, each with a different caloric content.

– Pepperoni Pizza: A slice of pepperoni pizza, irrespective of size, usually contains 288 to 346 calories. This classic choice is a customer favorite but does come with a higher calorie count due to the added meat.

– Cheese Pizza: A cheese pizza slice contains around 244 to 313 calories. If you’re looking to cut down on meat, this is a great option.

– Veggie Pizza: This pizza is topped with a variety of vegetables and contains about 220 to 250 calories per slice. This is a great lower-calorie option for those looking to maintain a healthier diet.

– Sausage Pizza: A slice of this pizza type contains approximately 284 to 353 calories. It’s a rich choice with a higher calorie count due to the extra meat topping.

– Hula Hawaiian Pizza: This unique pizza, topped with ham and pineapple, contains around 273 to 337 calories per slice.

Remember, the calorie counts can vary based on the amount and type of toppings added to each pizza. Always opt for portion control and balance your meals with healthier food choices to maintain a balanced diet.

Types Of Little Caesars PizzaServing SizeTotal CaloriesCalories From Fat
Large ExtraMostBestestPepperoni Pizza1 pizza25001000
Cheese Pizza1 pizza2220740
Italian Sausage Pizza1 pizza26601130
Seasoned Beef Pizza1 pizza25501030
Large Specialty5 Meat Feast Pizza1 pizza28301260
Ultimate Supreme Pizza1 pizza25101000
3 Meat Treat Pizza1 pizza28701310
Hula Hawaiian Pizza1 pizza2180620
Veggie Pizza1 pizza2240740
Slices-N-Stix Pizza1 pizza30001280
Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza1 pizza29801350
Large ClassicPepperoni Pizza1 pizza2300860
Cheese Pizza1 pizza1950580
Italian Sausage Pizza1 pizza2270800
Seasoned Beef Pizza1 pizza2190740
Detroit-Style Deep DishPepperoni Pizza1 pizza2770980
Cheese Pizza1 pizza2500750
Italian Sausage Pizza1 pizza28201010
Seasoned Beef Pizza1 pizza2750950
Detroit-Style Deep Dish SpecialtyUltimate Supreme Pizza1 pizza30501150
3 Meat Treat Pizza1 pizza34801550
Hula Hawaiian Pizza1 pizza2690780
Veggie Pizza1 pizza2730870
5 Meat Feast Pizza1 pizza35001520
Thin CrustPepperoni Pizza1 pizza21301130
Cheese Pizza1 pizza1980960


How Do Different Types Of Crust Influence the calorie content In Little Caesar Pizza?

The type of crust you choose can significantly influence the calorie content of your Little Caesars pizza.

1. Thin Crust: Thin Crust is the lowest in calories, with each slice containing approximately 150 to 250 calories. This is due to its lesser dough content, making it a good choice for those watching their calorie intake.

2. Classic Crust: This traditional crust option has a moderate calorie count, with each slice containing around 200 to 300 calories.

3. Deep!Deep! Dish Crust: The Deep!Deep! Dish Crust, known for its thicker and fluffier texture, has the highest calorie count ranging between 350 and 400 per slice due to the larger amount of dough used.

4. Stuffed Crust: The Stuffed Crust, filled with cheese, is also high in calories with each slice containing roughly 300 to 350 calories.

The Effect Of Toppings On The Overall Calorie Content In Little Caesar Pizza 

Toppings affect too many Little Caesar pizza calories. Certainly. Just as the size and type of crust can alter the caloric content of your meal, so too can the toppings.

1. Vegetables: Toppings like mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, and olives add minimal calories (approximately 5-10 per slice). Moreover, they contribute essential vitamins and minerals to your meal.

2. Meats: Meats like pepperoni, sausage, and ham add a significant amount of calories (around 30-50 per slice) due to their high protein and fat content.

3. Extra Cheese: Adding extra cheese can considerably increase the calorie count (approximately 20-40 per slice), as cheese is high in saturated fat.

Types Of Little Caesars ToppingsTotal CaloriesCalories From Fat
Custom Round Pizzas (1-2 Toppings). Add calories to Base PizzaBase Pizza1950580
Seasoned Beef330250
Italian Sausage430320
Smoky Ham14040
Green Peppers200
Mushrooms, canned400
Mushrooms, fresh350
Black Olives280210
Jalapeño Peppers8060
Mild Banana Peppers500
Extra Cheese270170
Fresh Mozzarella200130
Custom Detroit-Style Deep Dish (1-3 Toppings). Add calories to Base PizzaBase Pizza2770750
Seasoned Beef250190
Italian Sausage330260
Smoky Ham11030
Green Peppers150
Mushrooms, canned400
Mushrooms, fresh350
Black Olives210150
Jalapeño Peppers6040
Mild Banana Peppers350
Extra Cheese270170
Fresh Mozzarella200130

Other Factors Contributing To The Calorie Content Of Little Caesar Pizza

If you haven’t known other factors, except for crust and toppings, affecting Little Caesar pizza calories, let me tell you right now.

1. Sauces: The type of sauce you choose can make a difference. For example, a basic tomato sauce adds minimal calories, while a creamy alfredo or barbecue sauce can increase the calorie content significantly.

Types Of Caesar DipsServing SizeTotal CaloriesCalories From Fat
Cheezy Jalapeño1 container210190
Ranch1 container230200
Buffalo Ranch1 container230200
Butter Garlic Flavor1 container370370
Cheddar Cheese Sauce (At participating locations)1 container11070

2. Portion Size: This is a critical factor. Regardless of the type of pizza or toppings selected, increasing the portion size will directly increase the amount of calories consumed.

3. Cooking Method: The way a pizza is cooked can affect its calorie count. For instance, a pan-baked pizza tends to contain more calories due to the additional oil used in the cooking process compared to a traditionally baked pizza.

Which Pizzas In Little Caesar Have The Lowest Calories?

If you’re looking to enjoy a tasty slice from Little Caesars without overloading on calories, there are some options for you:

1. Veggie Pizza: With just 220-250 calories per slice and the bonus of added nutrients from the vegetables, a small veggie pizza with a thin crust is one of your healthiest options.

2. Cheese Pizza: A small thin-crusted cheese pizza also offers a lower-calorie count, with each slice containing around 244-313 calories.

3. Pepperoni Pizza: This classic option contains 288-346 calories per slice, making it a reasonable choice when shared among several people.

Remember, the calorie count can significantly decrease if you choose light cheese and avoid high-calorie toppings like extra meat or cheese.

Which Pizzas In Little Caesar Have The Highest Calories?

Having mentioned the lowest calories, we cannot ignore the highest one. They are:

1. Deep!Deep! Dish Pizza (with meat toppings): A single slice of Deep!Deep! Dish Pizza can range from 350-400 calories per slice, not including the added calories from the meat toppings.

2. Stuffed Crust Pizza (with extra cheese): Each slice contains around 300-350 calories, and adding extra cheese can increase the calorie count significantly.

3. Hula Hawaiian Pizza (Classic Crust): While the Hula Hawaiian Pizza is a unique and tasty offering from Little Caesars, it is higher in calories due to its toppings of ham and pineapple. A slice of this pizza contains around 270-300 calories.

Are There Healthier Alternatives Available In Little Caesar?

The answer is yes. Little Caesars offers healthier alternatives for its health-conscious customers. Opting for a thin-crust pizza with plenty of vegetable toppings is one of the healthiest options.

You can also limit the calorie intake by choosing pizzas with lighter cheese and less fatty meats. Little Caesars also offers a variety of salads that can be a low-calorie alternative to pizza.

Remember, maintaining a balanced diet is not just about what you eat but also how much you eat. Portion control is key when enjoying any food, including pizza.


In conclusion, while indulging in pizza from Little Caesars can be a flavorful treat, being mindful of Little Caesar pizza calories is essential. The type of crust, choice of toppings, sauces, and portion size all significantly contribute to the calorie content.

However, with informed choices and moderation, you can still enjoy your favorite pizza while keeping a check on your calorie intake. 

Remember, balance is the key to a healthy diet, so ensure to complement your pizza with nutrient-rich food items to maintain dietary balance.

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