How Many Slices In a Costco Pizza?

Have you ever picked up a Costco pizza and wondered how many slices in a Costco pizza? You know the pizza is a bargain, but you may not realize just how much pizza you’re bringing home for the price. 

A Costco pizza feeds a crowd but also begs the question: how does the slice count stack up compared to other pizza chains? In this blog post, we’ll cut right to the chase and get to the bottom of how many slices are in a standard Costco large pizza. 

Whether you’re planning a party on a budget or trying to maximize your pizza dollars, understanding slice counts is important information for any hungry shopper. Let’s slice into one of Costco’s most iconic menu items.

Overview Of Costco Pizzas

Costco pizza is one of the chain’s most popular food court items, enjoyed by people around the globe for its exceptional taste and affordable price. Costco’s pizza menu typically offers three classic varieties: Cheese, Pepperoni, and Combo, all generously topped and made with high-quality ingredients.

– The Cheese variant is a classic, adorned with a rich blend of cheese on a bed of tangy tomato sauce.

– The Pepperoni pizza is a carnivore’s delight, loaded with slices of crisp, spiced pepperoni.

– The Combo pizza is the ultimate feast, embellished with an array of toppings including bell peppers, onions, olives, sausage, and mushrooms.

Costco’s pizzas are renowned for their impressive size, each measuring 18 inches in diameter. This is considerably larger than the standard large pizza size at many other chains, making it an excellent value-for-money proposition for large gatherings or families.

The dough used in Costco pizzas is made fresh daily, leading to a perfect balance of chewy and crispy texture. The pies are cooked in a traditional pizza oven, ensuring an authentic taste, and are served piping hot, ready to be enjoyed.

So, when you purchase a Costco pizza, you’re not just getting a meal, you’re experiencing quality, variety, and value that’s hard to beat.

How Many Slices In a Costco Pizza?

When it comes to the actual count of slices in a Costco pizza, the standard is 12 slices per pizza. This is for their 18-inch pizzas, which fall into the ‘large’ category. Regardless of whether you choose the Cheese, Pepperoni, or Combo variety, the number of slices remains consistent at 12.

Each slice is quite substantial in size, given that the pizza itself is larger than the standard large pizza at many other chains. This makes each slice large enough to satiate your hunger and possibly leave you with leftovers, depending on your appetite.

It’s also worth noting that the size and number of slices make Costco pizzas an excellent choice for parties or gatherings, as one pizza can feed a good number of people.

However, Costco does not typically sell medium or small-sized pizzas, so the slice count for these sizes is not applicable. Their food courts are known for serving large pizzas, either sold by the slice or as a whole pizza.

The uniform slicing also ensures that every piece has an even distribution of toppings, so no one gets shortchanged in the flavor department. Whether you’re a fan of their cheese, pepperoni, or combo pizza, you can expect every slice to deliver the same high-quality taste Costco pizzas are known for.

So, a Costco pizza comes with 12 large slices. Although the size and generous toppings make it a filling option, the real value comes from the quality ingredients and the meticulous preparation that ensures every slice offers an enjoyable pizza experience.

This slice count, combined with the impressive size of the pizza, provides excellent value, making Costco’s pizza a popular choice for many.

How Many People Does a Costco Pizza Serve?

A standard Costco pizza comes with 12 substantial slices, each of which can serve as a hearty meal for an average adult. To determine the number of people a Costco pizza can feed, it’s essential to consider the size of the pizza, the appetite of your guests, and what else you’re serving alongside the pizza.

Given the generous size of each slice, it is not uncommon for one slice to satiate an average adult’s hunger. Thus, typically, a full 12-slice Costco pizza can comfortably feed 12 adults. However, this is a general estimate and actual consumption can vary based on individuals’ appetites and dietary habits.

If you’re hosting a party where the pizza is the only main course, you might find that some guests might want more than one slice, especially if they have larger appetites. In that case, a whole pizza might feed fewer people, perhaps around 8 or 9.

Conversely, if you’re serving the pizza as part of a larger buffet with other dishes, a single Costco pizza could potentially feed more than 12 people. This is because guests might choose to have a smaller portion of pizza to allow room for other foods.

In such a scenario, each pizza could perhaps serve 15 to 18 people, assuming each person consumes a smaller portion equivalent to about two-thirds of a slice.

Additionally, if you’re serving children, they may eat less than a full slice. You could feasibly cut each standard slice in half, effectively doubling the number of servings from the pizza.

Finally, the number of people a Costco pizza can serve can vary widely. As a rough guideline, a Costco pizza can comfortably feed around 12 adults if it’s the main course, or potentially more if it’s part of a larger menu or being served to children.

When Should You Order a Costco Pizza For?

Besides knowing how many slices in a Costco pizza and the number of people it can serve, it’s also essential to consider which event you should order a Costco pizza for. The answer? Anytime!

Costco pizzas are perfect for a wide range of occasions, from family dinners and parties to office gatherings and potlucks. Their large size and generous toppings make them ideal for feeding a crowd, while their delicious taste appeals to all ages.

Additionally, Costco food courts usually offer dine-in or take-out options, making it convenient to pick up a pizza on the go or sit down and enjoy it with friends and family. As Costco pizzas are made fresh daily, you can expect them to be ready for consumption at any time of the day.

Moreover, Costco’s food court prices remain consistent throughout the day, so you can grab a pizza for lunch or dinner without worrying about price fluctuations.

Hence, there is no specific occasion for which to order a Costco pizza. Whenever you’re craving delicious, high-quality pizza at an excellent value, Costco pizzas are the way to go.

With their 12 large slices and versatile serving size, they’re perfect for any event where good food is essential.

Tips For Ordering a Costco Pizza

While there is no wrong time to order a Costco pizza, here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your next pizza run:

1. If you’re ordering for a large group, consider buying multiple pizzas rather than just one. This way, everyone can choose their preferred toppings, and you’ll avoid the hassle of having to cut up slices into smaller portions.

2. Costco offers a variety of toppings, from classic cheese and pepperoni to more unique options like BBQ chicken or veggie. Don’t be afraid to mix and match or try something new!

3. If you’re ordering for a party or event, it’s best to call ahead and place your order in advance. This will ensure that your pizzas are ready when you need them and avoid any long wait times.

4. Keep an eye out for seasonal or limited-time toppings that Costco may offer. These are a great way to add some variety to your pizza experience and try something new.

5. Take advantage of the dine-in option at the food court and enjoy your pizza piping hot. This is especially convenient if you’re already shopping at Costco and need a quick meal break.

6. Don’t forget to grab some napkins and condiments like crushed red pepper or parmesan cheese from the food court before heading out with your pizza. These small details can elevate your pizza experience even further!

So, whether you’re planning a large party or just looking for a quick lunch option, keep these tips in mind when ordering a Costco pizza. With their generous size and delicious taste, Costco pizzas are a crowd favorite for any occasion. 


In conclusion, now you know exactly how many slices are in a Costco pizza and how many people it can serve. You also know that you can order a Costco pizza for any occasion, as they’re perfect for a wide range of events.

With their high-quality ingredients, generous size, and versatile serving options, Costco pizzas are an excellent value for your next meal or gathering. So go ahead and grab a slice (or two) of this beloved pizza the next time you visit Costco!

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to your nearest Costco and treat yourself to a delicious pizza today! Happy eating!

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